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Computeroo is a computer and network services business operating in the Washington DC area. We provide IT support and assistance to individuals and small offices.

“Thank you Michael for the very competent and capable service you have provided me on my computer network. It has been invaluable.”          -Client recommendation
“I am delighted with the results of your efforts and thank you once again with total sincerity… I’ve got your card and will be most happy to recommend you to any friends who might be experiencing computer distress.”          -Client recommendation
“Thanks again for your prompt response and great service.”          -Client recommendation
“… very thorough and thoughtful – anticipating the kinds of information we needed … absolutely invaluable to us… we intend to keep in touch …”.          -Client recommendation

On-site visit

The most common type of service: Computeroo visits you in your office or home. Service is charged by the hour, to the nearest 5 minutes.

Virtual visit or phone support

Computeroo is able to fix many problems remotely by connecting to your computer securely over the Internet.

Pickup and drop-off

Computeroo can pick up and drop off computers at times convenient to you. The computer is brought to Computeroo’s office for work to be performed on it.

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