On-site Visits

Business Hours
Weekends & After Hours
Per hour $90 $120
Minimum charge $60 $80

Billable time is rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.

A maximum fee can sometimes be provided to give the client some certainty in charges. This requires a good description of the services that are required.

Phone Support or Virtual Visit

Charge at $90 per hour, $30 minimum. The first 10 minutes after a recent visit by Computeroo is free of charge.

Phone support is not always immediately available – an appointment to call back might need to be arranged.

Travel, Pickup, Delivery, & Parking

There is no travel fee for on-site visits to locations inside North-West Washington DC or Montgomery County below the East-West Highway and Wilson Lane. For locations outside this area, I may charge $10 to $20 for travel and for pickup or delivery of computers. I may seek re-imbursement for parking, especially if you are located downtown.


Where practical and possible, Computeroo will assist clients in purchasing hardware online from your location, during billable time. Alternatively, Computeroo will supply hardware at a 15% markup to our cost. Since we source hardware from online providers at the lowest possible cost, this usually means that you will still pay less than if you were to buy it in a retail store.